Our Daughter is Graduating!!!

I thought this would be an appropriate first post since this is the big major event in our life right now.  I seriously can’t even believe this is happening, but our sweet Hannah girl is graduating.  Yes you heard me right… how did we get here?!?  We started homeschooling her when she was close to 4, only because she was so eager to learn and wanted desperately to read.  She picked that up quite easily and the rest is history.  Now don’t get me wrong, I had our 2 year old Nick and baby Jacob growing in my belly and life was becoming very hectic.  I was very active in my husbands construction business and I can remember several times frantically searching the phonebook (circa 2000, obvi no helpful hashtags for my panicked fingers) for the local public school number to sign her up!! LIKE NOW… let’s do this.  Not that that was wrong, but it wasn’t what the Lord had for us.  I didn’t know that this would lead into a schooldays long journey for my children but every year as we sought Him for wisdom and peace He kept leading us back to this homeschooling gig.  After a couple of miscarriages and then giving birth to our perfect 4th child Chloe, life was moving super fast.  What felt like a life of diapers vs. potty training and snot noses, etc. would never come to an end has actually went as fast as lightening.  And that brings me back to our first born… It’s here, she’s getting ready to do what we’ve raised and trained her to do, and that’s graduate to an adult, and into the world unknown. This girl has had one adventurous life.  It wasn’t filled with everything she could ask for material wise, but boy has it been a crazy wonderful ride… From building houses and moving every year, including moving to Florida and back, lot’s of schooling in a car, losing everything and then settling down on a farm and realizing a simple life is a good life.  She’s lived in a camper and traveled on missions to two countries now.  In my momma eyes she’s more than I deserve and she teaches me more than she’ll ever know, more than I could ever think about teaching her. I leave you here with the quote from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which I say too much, from my sis and I’s favorite movie growing up. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it!”  It’s so true.  If I could go back and change anything it would be to slow down and enjoy the ride right in that very moment.  Thank you Hannah for being so very graceful in being our guinea pig.  Your siblings also thank you 😉  Signing off now and leaving you with some sweet pics PC: Hunter Moore (our awesome cuz)

Hannah 304

Hannah 189

Hannah 321

Hannah 300

Hannah 111

Hannah 244


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