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joeyandstacyhires2014Hi y’all!! My name is Stacy and I’m from a little town in Arkansas named Mulberry.  I have been married 20 years to the most handsome man alive and we have made 4 of the cutest and sweetest babes ever.  Hannah (17), Nicholas (16), Jacob (13), and Chloe (9). For about 4 years now we have lived on a farm with 116 acres and are slowly but surely feeling it up with some little sheepers, moo cows, chicketty chicks, donkeys, rabbits, dogs, cats, etc… oh and the garden!!! We recently planted a one acre vineyard and Lord willing we’ll add a few more acres.  This life I have lived for 40 years now has been anything but short of adventure.  We’ve been through all sorts of ups and downs and I’m so thankful for the good, the bad, the ugly and all of the in betweens.  He is making me who He wants me to be…  Refining is tough but necessary. I’m hoping to share with you here some of our past, current and future events of the Marrone life.  A little bit of farming, a lot of homeschooling, a touch of thrifty vintage goodness and we might even flip a house here or there. Stop by and sit a spell, down south that means have a seat and don’t leave to soon.




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